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ARHS AFJROTC 19-25 October Weekly Schedule & News

To all AFJROTC Parents and Cadets,

Virtual 30 Count Competition

Members of the Drill Team, Command Staff, and other cadets have been practicing for the last several weeks for the AFJROTC 30 Count Virtual Competition. Units will send a video recording of their 30 count performance to Clover High School AFJROTC to be judged by a professional drill training company. Top winners will be awarded 1st thru 3rd place. Our cadets will be taping Tuesday and Wednesday to send their video in. Winners will be announced in November.

Snap Raise Unit Fundraiser

  • All cadets will bring in their 20 emails this week and load them into their accounts.

  • $8000 is the goal this year for the unit.

  • Fundraiser started on 10/16/20.

  • A percentage of funds raised will be donated to a local community charity. Cadets will receive community service credit for money donated.

  • Each cadet must get 20 emails and register on line ASAP. To get started, 80% of cadets in the unit must log in 20 emails as soon as possible So get those emails logged in!

Participation Data:

  • 210 cadets in unit18 cadets have loaded 20 emails or more. Congratulations!

  • 65 cadets have created Snap!Raise accounts but have not loaded their 20 emails.

  • Cadets may opt in and have Snap!Raise clothing to be purchased by their participant donations or opt out.

Cadet Registration & Payments

  • Registration is required for all virtual and hybrid cadets. This needs to be completed ASAP!

  • Parents, click on the Parent tab at the Unit Web Page. This will take you to the ParentRegistration icon. Parents and their cadet both must fill it out.

  • Parent Consent and Health Wellness forms are to be filled out online.

  • Parents and cadets, by digital signature, verify all information is correct and information contained in documents are understood.

  • Sports Physical is required by DD2. Please have the form signed by a doctor. It can be scanned and sent to the cadet’s respective instructor by email. Copies may also be brought to the respective instructor on assigned days to attend school.

  • Click on the SHOP icon to pay the registration fee. All cadets have a $35 registration fee. Black Polo shirt is required for all cadets as part of the alternate uniform. While you are there, take a look at the other items in the Booster Club area to purchase, such as a morale shirt. PT clothing and sweats are issued to all 1st year cadets free.

Uniforms & PT Clothes

  • Hybrid Classes- PT clothes, Black Polo shirts, and the blue uniform are being issued to 1st year Cadets.

  • Upperclassmen uniform exchange – Cadets who need to have blue uniform items exchanged to not fitting anymore will insure the item(s) are dry-cleaned, wrapped in the original plastic, and paid receipt on uniform. Cadets will bring their uniform to be exchanged next week to class.

Uniform Inspection

  • Upperclassmen cadets will wear alternate uniform when attending in class this week at ARHS

  • 1st year cadets will wear the alternate uniform if the black polo shirt has been issued. Black polo shirt tucked into khaki pants or shorts with a belt. Do not wear open to shoes. Males will have haircuts and shaved. Female’s hair in a bun or ponytail.

Physical Training

  • All cadets will participate in the AFJROTC unit Physical Training Test (PFT) this week.

  • Cadets will bring PT clothes to class when attending ARHS this week.

  • Cadets will change out of the alternate uniform after inspection for PT and put back on alternate uniform after PT.

  • Cadets are reminded to bring hygiene kits (wipes, deodorant, powder, etc.) and water bottles filled with water.

ALL PARENTS AND CADETS MUST REGISTER ONLINE MUST BE COMPLETED ASAP. UNIT EMAILS ARE SENT OUT BASED ON PARENT EMAIL ADDRESSES. Black Polo Shirts cannot be issued until registration is filled out and registration is paid.

Unit Team Practices and Competitions

  • Cyber Patriot & StellarXplorers Teams will compete the first semester.

  • Academic Team starts Practice at 1700 this Monday. (Virtual)

  • All practices and competitions will be conducted virtually. Refer to the attached weekly schedule.

  • Drill & Color Guard will practice as needed.

  • All other teams will start practices 2nd semester. If conditions improve, some teams may start practice earlier.

Upcoming Unit Events:

  • 1630-2000, 19 October, Monday, Kitty Hawk Volleyball Concessions

  • 30 October, Friday, Color Guard at Home Football Game

  • 30 October, Friday, Parking Detail at Home Football Game

  • 0830-1500, 1 November, Sunday, StellarXplorer Team, Qualification Round

  • 10800-1500, 8 November, Sunday, Cyber Patriot Team, Practice Round 1

Thank you for your support!

Bill Clark, Major, USAF, Ret.



Ashley Ridge High School

843-695-4900 Ext. 52195


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