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I hope all of you have had a somewhat restful summer. In case you were not able to hear the School Reopening Plan on Monday night, presented at the DD2 School Board Meeting by Mr. Pye, or have not seen the email sent by DD2, here is the link to the presentation

Finalized plans for reopening schools will be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration and approval on Monday, July 20th at 6:00 p.m. This meeting will be live streamed at

Please understand that all information provided in this email is subject to change based on what DD2 decides for opening school this year.

Unit Website

The Unit website is being updated this summer and will provide the latest known information.  Check out the website at

2020 Senior Farewell

A big thank you to Mrs. Mount, Kelly Reagan’s Mom, who filmed all the presentations and put the movie together.  Please check it out on the Unit website or on YouTube at

Cadet Uniforms

Returning cadets should check their uniforms for fitting.  If a cadet needs to exchange any part of the blue uniform, the uniform must be dry-cleaned and in the original plastic with a paid receipt attached.  Blue shirts are the only uniforms that may be washed and ironed.  ABUs must be washed, not dry-cleaned.

Registration and Payments Online

All cadet registration will be done online this year through the Unit website.  This  will make it easier for cadets and parents.  If a parent wants to fill out a hardcopy, they will also be available online on the Unit website.  Further information will follow.

Sports Physicals

DD2 requires annual sports physicals for each cadet in JROTC.  The latest Sports Physical form will be put online. All sports physicals obtained last year will expire this school year.  So as COVID-19 conditions allow, please ensure that your cadet gets the physical.  Further information will follow on turning the form in.

Cadet Registration Payments

This year, PayPal will be used as the preferred payment form for unit registration payments.  Payments will be conducted through the Unit website.  There will be provisions made if a parent wants to pay by check. Booster Club cannot accept credit card payments at this time.  Further information to follow.

Once DD2 decides on which model of school opening will occur this year, there will be further unit emails discussing how the unit will proceed this year. This information will be posted on the unit Facebook page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Thank you for your support.


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