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Final Unit Weekly News for 29 May to 4 June

Greetings Parents,

This is the final Unit Weekly News of the school year.

Congratulations to our seniors – their graduation ceremony was a tremendous event and we are proud of each of them and excited for their future successes! Job well done!

Also, congratulations to Joseph Piper and Roman Mullens – they were each selected for $15,000 summer scholarships to fund ground school and flight training to earn their private pilots license by Low Country Aviation and Craft Training. Outstanding!

The Cadet Leadership Course begins next weekend.

CLC 1 Cadre Cadets need to be dropped off at 1000 hours on Sunday 4 June in front of Padgett-Thomas Barracks at The Citadel.

CLC 1 Basic Cadets need to be dropped off by 0800 hours on Monday 5 June in front of Padgett-Thomas Barracks at The Citadel

CLC 1 cadets can be picked up after the graduation ceremony on Saturday 10 June.

CLC 2 – Similarly, Cadre need to be dropped off at 1000 on Sunday 11 June and Basics at 0800 on Monday 12 June. Graduation will be 17 June.

I have parent email lists for CLC1 and CLC 2 and plan to shoot out a daily update each evening. In the event of an emergency, I or an instructor will call the parent/emergency contact from the registration form.

Please enjoy your Memorial Day holiday and we look forward to working with everyone next year for AY2023-2024! Thank you for all your support to our cadets--your sons and daughters.

Unit Schedule is below.

Col W

Jeff Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF, Ret. SASI SC-20081/AFJROTC Ashley Ridge High School 843-695-4900 Ext. 52195 ARHS JROTC website: SC-20081 Facebook link: SC-20081 Instagram link: arhs_afjrotc

Unit Weekly Schedule Monday May 29th – Sunday June 4th

Reminder to turn in registration papers, physicals, and fees

Morning flag detail: command staff

Afternoon flag detail: Alpha/Foxtrot

Logistics sweep detail: command staff

Recycling detail: command staff

Monday May 29

No School – Memorial Day

Tuesday May 30 – A Day

Flight academics

Team staff meeting ILT in colonels’ room

Exam periods: 2A 10:53-12:28, 3A 13:03-14:20, 4A 14:25-16:00

No CLC Practice

Wednesday May 31 – B Day

Flight academics

Exam periods: 1B 9:30-11:05, 3B 13:03-14:38

No CLC Practice

Thursday June 1 – A Day

Flight academics

CLC practice 16:10 – 17:30

Friday June 2 – B Day

Flight academics

Half day

Last day of school

Saturday June 3

CLC set up arrival: 11:00 colonel’s room

Sunday June 4

CLC1 Cadre Cadets arrive at The Citadel – 1000 hours


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