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Weekly News15-21 February 2021

To All Parents and Cadets,


Congratulations to the StellarXplorer Team for making the StellarXplorer Semifinals! Only 30% of the 100 StellarXplorer JROTC teams across the country and world were selected to participate.

  • A big thank you to the Cadet Unit Operations Commander, C/Major Malaniak, the Cadet Academics Commander, C/2nd Smith, and Flight Commander, C/2nd Lt. London Bernal for operating a highly successful FFM Part 1 on Saturday. 4 units participated. Units participated in the unit virtual competition and air rifle postal.


  • All cadets will be in the hybrid learning phase along with all DD2 students for the week of 15 February.


  • Parent Consent Forms consist of AFJROTC Health Wellness Form, Cadet Release Form, & Cadet Access Module Release Module & Data Entry Form.

  • Instructors are currently with working cadets missing forms.

  • Parent Consent form are located in the following locations to be downloaded.

  • Use the following link to fill out the forms which are located on the unit web page:

  • Forms are also located in Teams in SC-20081 Information Center for cadets to download to print out. Finished forms may be scanned and sent to the cadet’s respective instructor.

  • Photos may also be taken and sent by email to the cadet’s respective instructor.

  • Hard copies may also be given to their respective class instructor when the cadet is at school.


  • Blue uniform with open collar will be worn on Monday thru Thursday for applicable hybrid cohorts at school.

  • ABUs for those for Mike and Command Staff flights, flight crews and applicable cadets.


Unit Physical Training Uniform will be worn for Physical Training workouts Monday & Thursday. This also includes e-learning cadets.

  • Cadets will change out of their uniforms for PT and change back into after PT for hybrid cadets.

  • Bring hygiene kit and water bottle.


  • Rocketry Team practice for Cardinal and Gold cohorts this week.

  • 20 February, Saturday, Air Rifle Team training:

    • 0700, Air Rifle Veteran’s setup in mini-gym.

    • 0800-1000, Air Rifle Try Out shoot-out. Cadets who passed the air rifle safety test will receive air rifle training and try out their marksman skills.

    • Cadets will be notified the following week on who made the team.

  • 1015-1130, 20 February, Saturday. Drone Team practice.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE Refer to the attached unit weekly schedule for other unit events.


  • Unit Email and weekly schedule will be sent out Sunday of each week.

  • Will be posted on Unit Facebook, unit teams under SC-20081 Information Center, and in SC-20081 Unit Web Page

The instructors would like to thank all parents for their support and help!


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