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Unit Summer Update #1

In case you missed the previous announcement, the unit once again received the honor of being identified as a 19-20 DISTINGUISED UNIT!! Many thanks to the graduating seniors, parents, and cadets this year.

The unit will have a HQ AFJROTC Unit Evaluation (UE) this year. The senior staff and command staff will be meeting this summer setting up the training and plans to prepare the unit for the UE.

As we move thru the summer, the instructors will be sending you information about unit updates and changes.

Cadet Recognition

  • All cadets who were selected for a National Award will be recognized at the unit Commander’s Call in September.

  • Cadets who were awarded an end of the year ribbon will receive them in September.

  • Cadets who were eligible for a team letter will receive them in September.

20-21 Cadet Wing Staff Selections

Congratulations to the following 20-21 wing staff cadets. There will be more wing staff selections announced during the summer.

Cadet Command Staff

Serrano, Charisma Wing Commander

Littlejohn, Clara Flight Ops Commander

Malaniak, Christian Wing Ops Commander

Whitehead, Tiana Executive Officer

Serrano, Clarissa Stan/Eval Commander

Bryan, Alexia Command Chief

Cadet Support Staff

Sanchez-Vayas, Jonathan Mission Support

Williamson, Richard Physical Training

Willard, Luke Community Service/LDR

Williams, Stormy Logistics Commander

Lohrenz, Emily Logistics Officer

Edwards, Skylar Academics&Awards Officer

Kromphold, Jessica Disciplinary Officer

Russell, Brady Cyber Officer

Pereira, Zachary Information Management

Watts, Summer Public Affairs Officer

Yeomans, Ashley Squadron 1 Commander

Roberts, Dalton Squadron 2 Commander

Flight Crews:

1st Year Flight Commanders 1st Year Flight Sergeants

Smith, Nolynn Stover, Tahlon

Hibst, Trinity Baker, Draven

Caudilla, Jeremy Loff, Garin

Bernal, London Mitchell, Katie

Reed, Gabriel Mask, Alisa

Abaza, Aydin Ward, Amber

Logan, Malik Jackson, Lataviya

Daniels, Katie VanDyke, Theodore

Wildes, Olivia Harris, Kennedy

Wyatt, Emma Meury, Tabitha

2nd Year Flight Commanders 1st Year Flight Sergeants

Courtney, John Debney, Joseph

Sherwood, James Clifton, Jaxon

Barkasy, Olivia Denlinger, Owen

3rd Year Flight Commanders 3rd Year Flight Sergents

Hall, Paris Truell, Curtiss

Courtney, James Quandt, Abigail

Competition Cadet Team Leadership Staff

Other cadet positions will be announced over the summer.

Academic Team Commander: Smith, Nolynn

Air Rifle Team Commander: Malaniak, Christian

NCOIC: Stover, Tahlon

Cyber Team Commander: Brady, Russell

Drill & Ceremonies Team Commander: Yeomans, Ashley

Drone Team Commander: Pereria, Zachary

Kitty Hawk Team Commander: Whitehead, Tiana

Orienteering Team Commander: Williamson, Richard

Orienteering Team Vice-Commander: Abaza, Aydin

Orienteering Team OIC: Hibst, Trinity

Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) Canceled: Wando and ARHS were looking at a local CLC to be conducted by the two schools, but with families starting to take vacations, the event was canceled.

Wing Staff Training Schedule

  • All wing staff cadets will be required to attend wing staff training.

  • Senior Staff will report to the unit in July to prepare the unit for school and wing staff training.

Monday-Thursday 27-30 July Times TBD Command Staff Prep & Training

Monday-Thursday 3-6 August Times TBD Wing Staff Training

Thursday 6 August Times TBD Wing Staff Graduation

Other News:

  • Flight Crew pairing and flight assignments will be announced at wing staff training.

  • Flight Crew members without ABUs will be fitted during wing staff training.

Summer Team Practices

No team practices this summer.

Flight Academy:

  • Two cadets, Zachery Periera and Ashley Yeomans were selected by HQ AFJROTC in 19-20 to attend Private Pilot training this summer at a certified flight school. Due to the cancellation of flight school this summer, the cadets will attend training in the summer of 2021.

  • Flight Academy cadets will resume training in September

  • New addition this year, Flight Academy cadets will work with the Drone Academy in preparing to earn a drone commercial license.

Drone Academy:

  • New addition this year. A Drone Academy is being formed for those cadets who are interested in becoming drone pilots. Members will be part of the drone competition team, will work toward earing a drone commercial license, and compete in competitions.

Cyber Team:

  • The Cyber Team desperately needs a coach for the 20-21 school year! If anyone has a cyber background and is interested in coaching the team this year, please contact Major Clark at this summer.

Rocketry/StellarXplorer Team:

  • Congratulations to the StellarXplorer team for placing as a semi-finalist in the top 30% teams competing in the Stellarxplorer Competition!

New changes in Unit Parent Registration forms and Unit Registration Payments

  • All parent registration forms will be converted to digital form over the summer. The links will be sent in an unit email and will be located on the unit web page. However, the AFJROTC Health & Wellness and parent consent forms will still be on paper. They will also be located on the unit web page.

  • The Booster Club will be using the Pay Pal system to allow parents to pay registration fees on line this year. The booster club is working on having the Pay Pal system working at registration.

The instructors will be sending more information during the summer months to keep all parents and cadets informed as we all prepare for the new school year.

If there are any questions or concerns, please email


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