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Unit Weekly News for 16-22 Jan

Greetings all,

We’re less than two weeks away from the 28 January Fierce Fox Meet 2023. 16 schools are scheduled to participate and we will have upwards of 750 in attendance at ARHS that Saturday. Thanks to all who are supporting whether in person or ensuring their son or cadet daughter are present to help. We welcome parent volunteers – if available and willing to help, please reach out and let me know. We’ll be working from sun up until 3pm and glad to take volunteer assistance anytime from 0800 to 3pm. Please let me know. Thanks

Morning Flag Detail: Command Staff Flight

Afternoon Flag Duty: Alpha/Foxtrot

Logistics Sweep Detail: Command Staff Flight

Recycling Detail: Command Staff Flight

Monday January 16

No School, Martin Luther King Junior Day

TuesdayJanuary 17 - A Day

Flight Inspection: Open Collar Blues w/ LW

Drill Practice 1610-1800

FFM Judges/Scorers Practice 1600-1800

Ambassador FFM Rehearsal 1600-1800

WednesdayJanuary 18– B Day

Flight Inspection: Open Collar Blues w/ LW

Edisto Recruitment Trip1015-1200

Academic Team FFM Rehearsal 1600-1700

Air Rifle FFM Rehearsal 1600-1800

Drone Academy 1600-1800

Drill FFM Rehearsal 1610-1800

Raider FFM Rehearsal 1610-1730

Rocketry FFM Rehearsal 1610-1730

Thursday January 19 – A Day

PT for Flights, bring PT Uniform, Hygiene Kit, and Water Bottle

Flight Crew Meeting 1600-1800 in Colonel’s Room

FridayJanuary 20 - B Day

PT for Flights, bring PT Uniform, Hygiene Kit, and Water Bottle

Mandatory Logistic Tech Meeting during ILT

Drone FFM Rehearsal 1610-1730

Saturday January 21

Cyber Semi-Final’s 0745-1645

SundayJanuary 22

No Unit Events Planned


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