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Unit Weekly News for 27 Feb - 05 Mar

Thank you to all who attended, planned, and supported last night’s Military Ball at the King’s Grant Clubhouse. The event sold out and the cadet planning committee did a tremendous job setting up and hosting a well-orchestrated event. Look for pictures on our Instagram page (arhs_afjrotc) and we will share information from our photographer on how to access portraits and group photos once he has that available.

A special thank you to our planning committee and especially MSgt Powell for making the ball a huge success. Special thanks also to Mr Marcrum for our event photography, to Mr Kolb for an excellent lineup of music, to Soul Train’s Eatery for their wonderful catering, and to our boosters for helping making everything possible.

Also, congratulations to our 10 new Inductees to the Kitty Hawk Honor Society, Air Force JROTC’s nationally recognized academic honor society. These cadets demonstrate excellence in academic achievement, personal character and civic service. Thank you to all the family members who attended and supported our members of this honorary organization.

Unit Weekly Schedule February 27 – March 05, 2023

Logistics is closed

Bring in cases of water for service hours – 1 case = 1 hour

Reminder to turn in registration papers, Physicals and Fees

CIA Trip payment due ASAP, 1 seat available, see Msgt. Powell if interested, get field trip form ASAP!!

Morning Flag Detail: Echo Flight

Afternoon Flag Duty: Alpha/Foxtrot

Logistics Sweep Detail: November Flight

Recycling Detail: November Flight

Monday February 27 – B Day

Flight Academics

CLC Conditioning 1600-1810

Tuesday February 28 - A Day

CLC Early Bird Conditioning 0800-0900

A-day only Flight Inspection: Open Collar Blues, ABU’s for applicable cadets

Turn in Swamp Fest Buddy application and field trip forms to C/Humphries Box

CLC Conditioning 1600-1810

Wednesday March 01 – B Day

Flight Inspection: Open Collar Blues, ABU’s for applicable cadets

Flight Crew inspection during ILT

CLC Conditioning 1600-1810

Air Rifle Practice 1600-1730

Cyber Practice 1600-1730

Rocketry 1600-1730

Thursday March 02 – A Day

CLC Early Bird Conditioning 0800-0900

PT for A-day only Flights, bring PT Uniform, Hygiene Kit, and Water Bottle

Drone Academy 1600-1730

Friday March 03 - B Day

PT for Flights, bring PT Uniform, Hygiene Kit, and Water Bottle

Saturday March 04

No Unit Events Planned

Sunday March 05

No Unit Events Planned

Jeff Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF, Ret. SASI SC-20081/AFJROTC Ashley Ridge High School 843-695-4900 Ext. 52195 ARHS JROTC website: SC-20081 Facebook link: SC-20081 Instagram link: arhs_afjrotc


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