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Unit Weekly News for 8-14 Jan



Final preparations are ramping up for Fierce Fox Meet at the end of the month and students are approaching their End of Course exams to wrap up the first semester.


Thank you for the positive response for parent volunteers for Fierce Fox Meet – your support makes a huge impact for Fierce Fox Meet being the largest and best meet in the low country region.


Please note the monthly booster meeting has been shifted to Tuesday, 16 January at 6pm.  All parents are welcome to attend.


Unit weekly schedule Monday January 8th – Sunday January 14th


Next Payment for CIA Trip Due Jan 19th

Continue Contributions in Combat Jars (money goes toward Military Ball expenses)


Morning flag detail: Bravo

Afternoon flag detail: Alpha / Foxtrot

Logistics sweep detail: Mike Flight


Monday January 8th – B day

Flight Academics

Drone Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Air Rifle Practice 16:10 – 18:00

Cyber Practice 16:10 – 17:30


Tuesday January 9th – A day

EOC Schedule Starts

Uniform Lightweight for A-Day only Flights

Raiders Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Air Rifle Team Fierce Fox Meet Rehearsals 16:10-17:30


Wednesday January 10th – B Day

Uniform Lightweight for all Block and B-Day flights

Green Team Meeting during ILT in Colonel’s Room

Raiders Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Drone Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Drill Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Kitty Hawk 16:10 – 17:00


Thursday January 11th – A Day

PT for A-Day only  Flights, bring uniform, hygiene kit, and water bottle. Bring sweats depending on weather

School Beautification

Air rifle practice 16:10 – 18:00

Rocketry Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Academic Practice 16:10 – 17:30

Drill Practice 16:10 – 17:30


Friday January 12th – B Day

PT for Block and B-Day Flights, bring uniform, hygiene kit, and water bottle. Bring sweats depending on weather

School beautification


Saturday January 13th

No Unit Events Planned


Sunday January 14th

No Unit events planned


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