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Unit Weekly Schedule February 21 – February 27, 2022

C/Major Russell Brady

Mission Support Squadron Commander

If you have not finished your Registration Paperwork, please do so ASAP.

Registration payment, physical, and online forms are available on the Unit


0800-0900, Tuesday, 22 February 2022/2023 Senior Staff Meeting in Major Clark’s Room.

1605-1730, Thursday, 24 February, All FFM 2022 Volunteers have a mandatory meeting in the Auditorium. Volunteer Lists are posted in Teams.

The Hygiene Drive has been extended to Friday, 25 February. Refer to the information sheet on the classroom board. Donate and earn community service hours!

1830-2230, Saturday, 26 February, Military Ball at Red Bank Club. See Military Ball Rules on each classroom board for more information. All cadets attending Military Ball are required to wear masks. Masks and Sanitizer will be available. Cadets going to Military Ball will not wear uniform this week. Cadets NOT going to Military Ball will wear uniform this week.

0800-0900, Monday, 28 February, Flight Crew Meeting in Major Clark’s Room

1605-1730, Monday, 28 February, Unit Inspection 30-Count Practice. Meet in Major Clark’s Room. List of cadets participating is posted in Teams.

Military Ball Mr. And Miss’ interviews will be conducted in flight with C/CMSgt Paris Hall.

NOTE: If there is no team practice listed, then it is cancelled for that day.

ALL Cadets going on the Army Old Guard Silent Drill Trip on Wednesday are reminded to get their parent field trip forms signed ASAP!

Morning Flag Detail: Foxtrot

Afternoon Flag Duty: Hotel/India

Logistics Sweep Detail: Command Staff

Monday 21 February


Tuesday 22 February – B Day

Uniform Inspection Blues, Open Collar & ABUs for applicable cadets

0800-0900 2022-2023 Senior Staff meeting in Major Clark’s room

0800-0845 CLC PT

1610-1730 D&C Practice

1610-1730 Military Ball Meeting in MSgt Powell’s Room

1530-2130 CEJC Banquet at The Citadel, Color Guard, Cyber Team, and Rocketry Team in Service Dress

Wednesday 23 February – A Day

Uniform Inspection Blues, Open Collar & ABUs for applicable cadets

1330-1900 Army Old Guard Silent Drill Team CIA Trip. Alternate Uniform

Thursday 24 February – B Day

School Beautification, PT Uniform/Water Bottle/Hygiene Kit

0800-0845 CLC PT

1605-1730 Rocketry Team Practice

1605-1730 Mandatory FFM 2022 Volunteer Meeting in Auditorium

Friday 25 February – A Day

School Beautification, PT Uniform/Water Bottle/Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Drive Ends

ILT Military Ball Meeting in MSgt Powell’s Room

1605-1730 Rocketry Team Practice

Saturday 26 February

1730 Military Ball Representatives Arrive at Red Bank Club

1830-2130 Unit Military Ball at Red Bank Club

Sunday 27 February

0900-1500 StellarXplorer Semi-finals


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