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Unit Weekly Schedule May 16–22, 2022

Underclassmen: Cadets who are not returning next year are to turn in their uniforms by 24 May. All uniforms need to be dry cleaned. ABUs may be washed before you turn them in. If you do not turn in your uniform, an obligation will be turned into the school.

Uniform inspections will now be in Alternate Uniform.

1605-1730, 16 May. Flight Academy and Drone Training starts in Major Clark’s room. All Flight Academy and Drone cadets meet.

0700-1500, 21 May. Bataan Death March at ARHS. Rosters will go up on Monday in classrooms and will be taken down on Monday, 16 May.

Morning Flag Detail: Echo

Afternoon Flag Duty: Hotel/India

Monday 16 May - A Day

All Flights Academics

Eng 2 EOC

1A/Block Senior exams

3A/Block Senior exams

Tuesday 17 May – B Day

0800-0900 Optional CLC PT Workout

Uniform Inspection Alternate Uniform

US History EOC

1B & 3B Senior exam

Drone team meeting beginning of ILT, Major Clarks Room

1605-1800 CLC Practice

Wednesday 18 May – A Day

Uniform Inspection Alternate Uniform

Biology EOC

2A/Block Senior Exam

4A/Block Senior Exam

Cyber Team Meeting Beginning of ILT Major Clarks Room

1605-1800 CLC Practice

Thursday 19 May– B Day

0800-0900 Optional CLC PT Practice

Algebra 1 EOC

2B & 4B Senior Exam

Unit PFT Day Make Up, PT Uniform/Hygiene Kit/Water

Air Rifle Team Meeting beginning of ILT Major Clarks Room

1605-1800 CLC Practice

Friday 20 May– A Day

Unit PFT Day Make Up, PT Uniform/Hygiene Kit/Water

2A/Block Underclass Exam

4A/Block Underclass Exam

Saturday 21 May

Bataan Death March 0700-1400

Sunday 22 May

No Unit Events Planned

C/1st Lieutenant Loff

Mission Support Squadron Commander


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