Weekly News 1-7 March 2021


  • Blue Uniform with open collar will be worn on Tuesday and Wednesday. If the blue uniform is not worn, the cadet is required to wear the uniform on the next applicable JROTC class day.

  • Alternate uniform is not an acceptable replacement for the blue uniform for uniform inspection. The alternate uniform is worn when cadets attend an event that does not call for the blue uniform.


  • Unit Physical Training Uniforms will be worn for Physical Training workouts Thursday and Friday.

  • Bring hygiene kit and water bottle.


  • COVID health safety and temperature checks conducted on all team cadets.


  • 2021-22 Cadet Senior Staff Interviews will be conducted this week.

  • Eligible Flight Crew cadets will be recognized this week for 2nd semester promotions. Cadets are reminded to bring in their old cadet rank. Failure to do so will result in non-promotion till rank is brought in.

  • 2nd semester cadet in flight rank promotions and 1st semester ribbon recognition ceremonies will be conducted later in March.

  • Kitty Hawk Honor Society Induction Ceremony scheduled for 3/17/21, Wednesday at 6 PM. Ceremony will be virtual. Only Kitty Hawk cadets will attend the event. Parents may watch on line. More information to follow.


  • Refer to the attached for unit weekly schedule for other unit events.

  • Unit email and weekly schedule will be sent out Sunday of each week.

  • Will be posted on Unit Facebook, unit teams under SC-20081 Information Center, and in SC-20081 Unit Web Page.

The instructors would like to thank all parents for their support and help!

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