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Weekly News 30 Aug - Sept 5, 2021

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Registration Paperwork

  • All parent registration paperwork is due ASAP!

  • Sports Physical is due NLT 15 September. Please get with your cadet’s respective instructor if the Sports Physical cannot be turned in by that date.

  • Registration payments can be paid on line at

Home Football Game Event

  • A big thank you to the Parking Detail and Kitty Hawk.

  • A big thank you for color guard presenting colors. They looked fantastic.

1st Uniform Inspection

  • Due to ARHS Picture Day on 1 September, Wednesday, Uniform Inspection has been moved to Monday and Tuesday.

  • Upperclassmen only. A/B schedule, uniform inspection on cadet respective day attending class on Monday and Tuesday. Block schedule is Tuesday

  • Uniform Inspection is Alternate Uniform: Unit Black Polo Shirt, khaki pants with belt, and closed toe shoes.

Uniforms and Grooming Standards

  • 1st year cadets are being issued cadet uniforms, summer PT clothing, & black polo shirts.

  • Upperclassmen who need uniform replacements are to have their uniform replaced are reminded to have their uniform dry cleaned with original plastic and paid receipt. Please set up an appointment with MSgt Powell, the Cadet Logistics Commander, or the Cadet Logistics Officer.

  • ABUs will be issued to qualified cadets.

  • All cadets are expected to comply with AFJROTC grooming standards.

  • All 1st year cadets who have the black polo shirt will be going into the unit alternate uniform very soon. They wear regular civilian clothes this week. However, start preparing your cadet to meet AFJROTC cadet grooming standards.

Flight Academy Training & Drone FAA License Training

  • AFJROTC offers to qualified cadets $23,000 scholarships to attend selected Flight Schools to earn their private pilot licenses (PPL) and with no obligation to the Air Force.

  • 3 cadets from the unit were selected to attend Flight School training this summer and received their PPL.

  • Unit Flight Academy Course prepares interested cadets to prepare for the Air Qualification Test (AQT).

  • FAA drone license will also be taught in this course. This course prepares cadets to take the Drone FAA License Exam.

  • Training will start 31 August, Tuesday, 4:05-5:30 PM in F120, Major Clark’s classroom.

  • Cadets who missed the interest meeting are still able to attend. THIS INCLUDES 1ST YEAR CADETS!

Snap!Raise Fundraiser

  • The unit has participated in the Snap!Raise Fundraiser the last two years and have done very well. This has been the only fundraiser the unit has done and have raised over $24,000 for the unit. The fundraiser will start 13 September and go for one month. More information will be sent home with cadets and discussed at the unit Family Night.

Unit Family Night

  • Will be held on 25 September, Wednesday, Virtual. All parents are invited to attend the meeting. Booster Club and cadet command staff will be introduced. Booster Club will explain their function and to include how parents can get involved. All Competition teams will make a presentation. AFJROTC Instructors will explain various parts of the program. This is also a great time for parents to ask questions. All cadets are required to attend the meeting virtually.

Weekly Schedule

If there are concerns or questions, please email

All the instructors thank you for your support!

Please visit our Instagram page arhs_afjrotc or Facebook page https://www.facebook .com/ashleyridgeSC20081/


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