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Weekly News October 4 - 10, 2021

This Week in Military History - October 4, 1943: Aircraft from USS Ranger sink 5 German ships and damage 3 in Operation Leader, the only U.S. Navy carrier operation in northern European waters during World War II

Athletic Concessions

  • A big thank you to Kitty Hawk cadets who manned Athletic Concession 3 times last week.

Family Night

  • A big thank you to Mr. Barkasy, booster club president, AFJROTC instructors and, cadets who supported Family Night.

  • If a cadet forgot to log in for last night's Family Night and want partial credit, the cadet can go to Teams SC-20081 Information Center watch the video with the link provided. After the cadet has viewed the video, a parent/guardian/family member may leave a comment that the cadet completed the video. Partial credit will be given.

Spirit Tiles

  • 1st Place Command Staff

  • 2nd Place Mike Flight

  • 3rd Place Bravo Flight


  • Attached unit weekly schedule has dates for uniform inspection.

  • Blues with open collar for uniform inspection

  • Applicable cadets will wear the Alternate Battle Uniform (ABU).


  • 8-11 AM, Saturday, Adopt-A-Highway clean up on Delemar Highway.

  • Cadets will receive 3 community service hours.

  • Signups are in each AFJROTC classroom.


  • Fundraiser starts on 4 October, Monday.

  • Cadets will start loading their 20 emails on Tuesday in class. Mr. Dugan from Snap!Raise will be at school helping cadets load their emails.

  • The cadets can get a big start if parents help their cadets in setting up their Snap!Raise pages so they are prepared to load their emails in class and parents can help them load the emails also.

  • For the cadets raising the most money, incentives are:

  1. 1st Place $150 Visa Card and pie the cadet Wing Commander and Major Clark.

  2. 2nd Place $100 Visa Card and pie the cadet Flight Operations and Wing Operations Commanders

  3. 3rd Place $50 Visa Card and pie the cadet Stan/Eval Commander and cadet Command Chief.

  • A donation will be made to a local food bank. Cadets who have raised money will receive service hours.

  • The money raised will help support the Military Ball, competition team equipment, Unit sports equipment, transportation to events, food and water for events, and other activities.

  • is the link cadets made for Snap!Raise. Please view it.


  • Attached unit weekly schedule has dates for uniform inspection.

  • All 1st years and upperclassmen will wear blues open collar this week.

Unit Weekly Schedule


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