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Weekly News & Schedule 3-9 January 22

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hope everyone was able to spend time over the holidays with loved ones and are ready for the New Year, 2022!

Uniform Inspection

  • Uniform Inspection, Service Dress with tie/tie tab

  • Uniform Inspection Day, Block Classes is 5 January, Wednesday.

  • Uniform Inspection Days, A/B Classes is 5-6 January, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fierce Fox Meet 2022 (FFM 2022) 15 January, Saturday

  • 15 teams have signed up to compete at ARHS.

  • 8 AM-Noon, 8 January, Saturday, Practice FFM 2022 at ARHS. All competition teams and other cadets who have signed up for meet support will report to the ARHS auditorium.

2022 2nd Semester Reserve Cadet Program

  • Wednesday, 8 January, all 2nd semester reserve cadet contracts are due to respective instructors.

  • Applies to all competition team members who do not have JROTC on their academic schedule for 2nd semester and cadets who want to participate in JROTC events 2nd semester.

Kitty Hawk Athletic Concessions Parents are desperately needed!

  • Parents are desperately needed as chaperone volunteers for the basketball and wrestling home games for athletic concessions.

  • Kitty Hawk members do all the work at concessions.

  • Major Clark has been covering concessions when a parent is not present, however this cannot continue.

  • Cadet volunteers earn community service hours and a portion of the proceeds from concessions goes to the Air Force Association Wounded Airman Project.

  • Parents are needed for the following dates and times. Report times are being changed to reflect new parent check-in time. Major Clark will be checking in with parent to explain procedures.

  • 1/4/21 6-8:30 PM

  • 1/5/21 6-10 PM

  • 1/18/21 6-8:30 PM

  • 1/20/21 6-8:30 PM

  • 1/21/21 5:30-10 PM

  • 1/25/21 6-8:30 PM

  • 1/26/21 6-8:30 PM

  • 1/28/21 5:30-10 PM

  • 2/1/21 6-9 PM

  • 2/7/21 6-8:30 PM

  • Attached is the Genius application for volunteering as a chaperone.


Changeover of Semester Cadets

  • 1st semester will end on Friday, 7 January. 2nd Semester starts 3 January.

  • A/B cadets will continue with 2nd semester JROTC.

  • Cadets who do not have 2nd semester JROTC will go into an inactive status until 2022-2023 academic year unless the cadet is on reserve status.

  • Parents of inactive cadets will remain on the unit email notification system unless asked to be removed.

  • Graduating seniors and cadets not returning 2022-2023 academic year are reminded to:

  • Turn in all AFJROTC uniforms dry cleaned; ABUs will be washed. All uniforms must be turned ASAP. Unit obligations will be written on non-returned uniforms.

  • All unit obligations to be paid before NLT 31 January, Friday.

If there is any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of the instructors by email. Major Clark at, MSgt Powell,, or MSgt Blake,

Thank you for your support.


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