Weekly Schedule 1-7 February 2021

If you have not finished your registration and paperwork, please do so ASAP!  Registration payment, physical, and online forms are all available on the Unit Webpage: ARHS-AFJROTC/Parent-Information.    

If you need any article of the uniform exchanged or need a uniform article, please put a note in C/Captain Williams’ box, which is located in the back of Major Clark’s room.


Due to COVID-19, Kitty Hawk Concessions are not taking place until further notice.

Cyber Team's next virtual meeting is Tuesday, 16 February.

Command Staff will be in Service Uniform for 2 February, HQ AFJROTC Cadet Mission Briefing (Virtual).

0830-1500, Sunday, February 7 StellarXplorer Qualification Round 3 Competition.

All Cadets will wear Open Collar Blues uniform Tuesday- Friday this week. Wear the uniform on your assigned in person class period. If you do not have all articles of the Open Collar Blues uniform and are unable to wear the complete uniform, substitute it with the Alternate Uniform.

Bring PT Clothes Thursday and Friday for PT. Cadets will change out after uniform inspection for PT and will change back into their uniforms after PT.

Raider & D&C Teams will not have in school practice this week due to directive from DD2 that JROTC teams will not have any type of practice or after school event at school for this week.

Cadets who are trying out for the Air Rifle Team will join a Microsoft Teams meeting on 6 February, Saturday at 0800 for the first part of tryouts. More information to follow. These cadets will see Major Clark during their hybrid class this week.

Qualified 3rd year cadets will start to be fitted for ABUs over the next month. More information to follow.

February 13, 2021 FFM Part 1- Virtual Academic and Air Rifle postal.

Monday 1 February

No School, Teacher Workday 

Tuesday 2 February Cardinal A-DAY (A-K)

0830-1040 HQ AFJROTC Cadet Mission Briefing (Virtual) Command Staff-Service Dress

All Flights Academics

All Flights Open Collar Blues

Wednesday 3 February Cardinal B-DAY (A-K)

All Flights Open Collar Blues 

All Flights Academics

Thursday 4 February Gold A-DAY (L-Z)

All Flights Open Collar Blues

Unit PT Day. Need PT Clothes, Hygiene Kit and Water Bottle/Academics 

Friday 5 February Gold B-DAY (L-Z)

All Flights Open Collar Blues

Unit PT Day. Need PT Clothes, Hygiene Kit and Water Bottle/Academics