Weekly Schedule 9/13 – 9/19/2021

All Cadets will attend their AFJROTC classes virtually from the 7th to the 15th of September. The School Hours will change effective on the 16th, School will start at 0930 and end at 1600.

If you have not finished your registration and paperwork, please do ASAP. Registration payment, physical, and online forms are all available on the Unit Webpage: ARHS-AFJROTC.com/Parent-Information. 

1605-1730, Monday, 13 September, Flight Academy and Drone License training in Major Clark’s room, virtual.

Uniform Inspection for Upperclassmen. Blue Uniform with open collar. 1st Years, Alternate Uniform who have black polo shirt. Black Polo Shirt, Khaki shorts or pants, belt, closed-toe shoes. Uniform Inspection Tuesday & Wednesday for A/B. Wednesday for Block (Semester).

1605-1645, Tuesday, 14 Sept. Virtual Meeting. Drone Team will receive an invite.

Physical Fitness Testing: All cadets will be tested on one mile run, # of pushups and sit-ups accomplished in 1 minute. Cadets will wear Issued PT shirt & shorts and tennis shoes. Bring a water bottle and hygiene kit. PT on Thursday and Friday for A/B. Friday for Block (Semester).

Signup for Home Football Game (24 September) will be in classrooms 16-17 & 20 September.

Morning Flag Duty: Command Staff 16-17

Afternoon Flag Duty: Hotel & India 16-17

Monday 13 September - B DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork 

All Flights Academics

1605-1700 Academics Team Virtual

1605-1730 Drone & Flight Academy Training Virtual

Tuesday 14 September – A DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork 

All Flights Academics

1605-1645 D&C Check-in Virtual

1605-1645 Practice Commanders Call Virtual (Team Staff)

1st Years, Uniform Inspection/Alternate Uniform

Wednesday 15 September - B DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork  

Upperclassmen, Uniform Inspection/Blues Open Collar Uniform

1st Years, Uniform Inspection/Alternate Uniform

1605-1700 Rocketry Team & Cyber Team Practice, Virtual

1605-1645 Drone Team Check-in, Virtual

Thursday 16 September – A DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork  

PFT, PT Uniform & Hygiene Kit

MANDATORY ILT Drill and Ceremonies Team Meeting in MSgt Blake’s room

MANDATORY ILT Air Rifle Veterans and tryouts meeting in Major Clark’s room/Veterans and tryout cadet

1605-1730 Air Rifle Team Training/Veterans & tryout cadets