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Weekly Schedule 9/20 – 9/26/2021

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

If you have not finished your registration and paperwork, please do ASAP. Registration payment, physical, and online forms are all available on the Unit Webpage:

Unit Commander’s Call has been canceled for 23 September.

1605-1800, 20 Sept, Monday, Team Staff only. Commander’s Call Practice and taping . Team staff will wear their applicable team uniform. Drill Team will tape during ILT. Command Staff will tape during class.

Uniform Inspection for Upperclassmen/Blue Uniform with open collar. 1st Years, Alternate Uniform who have black polo shirt. Black Polo Shirt, Khaki shorts or pants, belt, closed toe shoes. Tuesday & Wednesday.

Spirit Week: Cadets who want to participate in next week’s Spirit Week may instead wear the Spirit Clothing of the day instead of the uniform and receive a grade in place of the uniform. If a cadet chooses not to participate in the Spirit Wear of the Day, the uniform is required.

Snap!Raise Fundraising preparation starts. Get your 20 emails ready to load during class.

Morning Flag Duty: November

Afternoon Flag Duty: Hotel/India

Monday 20 September - B DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork

All Flights Spirit Tiles


ILT Kitty Hawk meeting in Major Clarks Room

1615-1730 Team Staff Practice & Taping. Drill Team During ILT

1605-1700 Academics Team

1615-1800 D&C Practice

1605-2030 Kitty Hawk Concessions

Tuesday 21 September – A DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork


Spirit Tiles

Uniform Inspection Upperclassmen Blue Uniform Open Collars/1st Years, Alternate Uniform or Spirit Clothing of the Day

Command Staff taping for Commander’s Call. Wear open collar blues.

1605-1730 Rocketry Team & Cyber Team Practice,

1605-1730 Drone Team Practice

1605-1730 Raiders Team Practice

1605-1800 D&C Practice

Wednesday 22 September - B DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork

Upperclassmen, Uniform Inspection/Blues Open Collar Uniform, Alternate for 1st Years, or Spirit Wear of the Day

Spirit Tiles


1300 Early Release No Team Practices except for D&C team

1300-1500 Team Commanders only will report to Team Supply Room for cleanup.

1300-1600 D&C Practice

Thursday 23 September – A DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork

PFT Makeup, PT Uniform/Water Bottle/Hygiene Kit

1605-2030 Kitty Hawk Concessions

1605-1730 Air Rifle Team Practice

1615-1730 Raider Team Practice

1605-1800 D&C Practice

Friday 24 September – B DAY

All Flights Registration Paperwork

PT PFT Makeup, PT Uniform/Water Bottle/Hygiene Kit

1605-1800 D&C Practice

1605-2000 Parking Detail

1930 Color Guard presents colors at Home Football Game

Saturday 25 September

0700-1100 Air Rifle Practice, Main Gym

Hanahan Drill Meet

Sunday 26 September

No Unit Events


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