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2021-22 AFJROTC Snap!Raise Unit Fundraiser

Dear Parents and Cadets, The unit Snap!Raise Fundraiser is about to start. Over the last few year that the unit has used this fundraiser, cadets have raised over $28,000! The unit used to have over 4 fundraisers each year. Now, the unit only needs one. Cadets do need your help and support in this. Please read the attached letter on the support and encouragement that your cadet needs to support this unit fundraising campaign. There are many prizes for this campaign that cadets can earn:

Cadets qualify for athletic clothing with ARHS AFJROTC logos for 20 emails sent and # of donations collected. Funds come out of money raised.

  1. Persons who make donations buy ARHS AFJROTC logos on clothing.

  2. Each person who sends out 20 valid emails will get 2 pieces of pizza paid by Snap!Raise.

  3. Top Sellers will receive Visa Cash cards: 1st Place: $150, 2nd Place: $100, 3rd Place: $50.

This fundraiser is a lot easier than trying to sell World’s Finest Chocolate or other food products! 21-24 Sept.: Cadets are briefed on fundraiser and encouraged to start collecting email addresses. 27 Sept.-1 Oct.: Cadets in class set up their Snap!Raise account helped by instructor. 30 Sept.: Family Night. Fundraiser is briefed. 4 Oct.: Fundraiser starts and runs one month. For this fundraiser to be successful, the instructors need you (THE CADET) to get logged in as soon as possible by clicking on this link and following the steps. Please make sure all steps are completed by putting in 20 emails of those who you think may want to support you and our team. Your parents will need to help you on contacts. Please get this done before the launch of our campaign on 10/4/21 or we will not be able to launch on time. The instructors will be able to check and see who is getting logged in and how many emails you are putting in. Watch this video for steps on how to login, or create an account, and pre-load your emails: The attached letter from Snap!Raise has plenty of suggestions on how to be successful in fundraising. Please go to the AFJROTC Snap!Raise Web Page and see the video that cadets put together for the fundraiser. This year, the unit will donate a portion of the money collected to a Low Country Foodbank. All cadets who have raised money will receive service hours. Thank you for your support and help!


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