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ARHS AFJROTC Unit Summer News

Yes, it is the last day of me sending my emails about this day or week in Military history. I know you are all sad.

This week in Military History July, 17 1863The combined attack on Fort Wagner, Charleston harbor, was renewed.

Most importantly, we should thank our leader for the past 14 years. Major Clark has been a leader in so many ways, shaping our kids, commanding them to achieve greater things than we can possibly imagine. From CLC, Bataan Death March, Marathons, working with Msgt Powell and Msgt Blake, or simply guiding our kids or giving encouragement to our unit and many other tasks - Major Clark is one of a kind. We thank you for all that you have done. Enjoy your retirement!!! ~Dave Barkasy (Past President)

20-21 AFJROTC Distinguished Unit Award

  • SC-20081 has been selected to receive the AFJROTC Distinguished Unit Award for 2021-2022.

  • Congratulations to all the cadets who worked hard this year to allow the unit to earn this award.

  • Eligible cadets will receive the Distinguished Unit Ribbon and or cluster.

Incoming Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) Replacement

  • Colonel Jeff Wilkinson, USAF, Retired will be the New SASI effective Monday, 18 July.

  • His background includes 24 years active Air Force, tour with Kentucky National Guard, and civilian industry.

Upcoming Unit Events

  • 6-7:30 PM, 19 July. Booster Club Meeting at ARHS

  • 8 AM-12 PM, 25-28 July. Command Staff Unit Preparation

  • 8 AM-12 PM, 1-3 August. 1st Year Orientation at ARHS

  • 7 Am-1 PM, 2 August and 1 PM-& PM, 3 August. Booster Club and cadets at ARHS Fact and Fees with registration table

Unit Cadet Registration

  • Booster Club will be at Facts and Fee days to receive paperwork for upcoming school year and to accept registration payments.

  • 22-23 AFJROTC Parent Registration forms will be online at the unit web site effective 22 July 22. Located at unit website under Parent Information. is the link. Please fill out and bring it to Fact and Fees Day to the unit registration table. If you are unable to attend, have your child bring it to JROTC during the 1st day of school. There will be hard copies at registration, if you are unable to download the form.

  • Returning cadets registration fee is $35. Cash or checks. Booster club does not have charge card capability.

  • To pay online, please go unit web site at Click on Shop and follow the direction to pay. Please bring the receipt to the AFJROTC Registration table at Facts and Fees or email a copy of the receipt to MSgt Blake, or MSgt Powell,

Sports Physicals

  • All cadets in AFJROTC this year have to a have Sports Physical as required by the school district.

  • Please ensure that, if possible, that your son or daughter gets their sports physical before school starts.

  • Current Sports Physicals must be current after April 2022.

  • Sports Physical may be found at the unit web site, under Parent Information. Please download and have filled out by a doctor and bring a copy in during Facts or Fees or 1st day of school.

  • Cadets who do not have current physicals will not be allowed to participate in physical training during class nor participate in after school unit activities.

It has been a pleasure being the SASI at ARHS for the past 14 years. The unit has received many outstanding years over the years due to the hard work of cadets, parents, and instructors. All the cadets who have completed AFJROTC and graduated from ARHS have gone on to accomplish many outstanding achievements in their lives. . The instructors constantly hear back from the cadets on what an impact AFJROTC has on their lives! Please give Colonel Wilkinson the same outstanding support you gave me and the other instructors the last few years!

Major Clark


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