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CLC 2024 Prelim Info



Before sharing CLC info, I need to provide a correction regarding the Military Ball – The Military Ball will be held on Saturday, March 9th, from 1800-2200 (6pm – 10pm) at The Clubhouse at Kings Grant, 222 Fairington Dr, Summerville, SC (I had previously published incorrect times for the military ball)


Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) 2024:

This year ARHS AFJROTC will be participating in CLC 1 the week of 9-15 June 2024 at The Citadel.  We will NOT be participating in CLC 2.  All basic cadets who qualify will be able to attend CLC.  Cadre slots are very limited and will be competitively selected based on ability, performance, and position sought.



To prepare AFJROTC cadets to perform in leadership positions, develop leadership abilities, learn staff and management processes, strengthen habits of self-reliance, orderliness, responsibility, team work and time management.

Students will receive ½ credit hour on their transcript at Ashley Ridge High School (provided they also support 1 of three community service events – graduation ceremony support 5/25, CLC setup 6/8, or CLC cleanup 6/22)


Basic cadets will need transportation to The Citadel on Monday 10 June between 0730-0800 and will need to be picked up on Saturday 15 June by noon (following the graduation parade at 0930).

Cadre cadets (cadets who have already attended as Basic cadets) will need to arrive on Sunday, 9 June between 1030-1045  and will need to be picked up on Saturday 15 June by noon.


Cost (includes meals, lodging, and activities)

Basic cadets:  $270

Cadre cadets: $295

We recommend no more than $30 spending money for cadets for the week (vending machines are off limits, cadets are provided 1 hour to shop at the campus store near the end of the week)

Please let me know if any concerns emerge about ability to pay as we want all interested and qualified cadets to have access to this opportunity.


Key Dates:

March – before and after school conditioning opportunities for cadets (to be posted on weekly schedule)

April 9th – Notification for qualified cadets to attend CLC – Sign-ups begin

April 19th – Sign ups closed

April & May:  CLC preparatory training (posted on weekly schedule)

May tbd:  Parents information meeting (Notary available for registration forms)

May 10:  Deadline to turn in cadet registration paperwork

May 16:  Deadline for final payment (Basics $270 / Cadre $295)

May 22:  No Refunds for dropping CLC after this date

June 9:  1030-1045 Cadre dropped off by parent at CLC

June 10:  0730-0800 Basic cadets dropped off by parent at CLC

June 15: 0930 Graduation Parade

June 15:  1100-1200 pickup student and depart CLC


Qualification Standards:

Run time (1mile):                    Male Cadre 8 Min;      Female Cadre :10 min

                                Male Basics: 9 Min;    Female Basics: 11 Min

Pushups:                                Male Cadre: 35;        Female Cadre: 20

                             Male Basics: 30;        Female Basics: 15

Situps  :                                  Male Cadre: 40;        Female Cadre: 40

                             Male Basics: 30;        Female Basics: 30



Must be proficient in performing and leading the 30 count drill sequence.


More information will come out as we get closer to April.  If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks


Col W


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