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Military Ball Rules & Regulations


  • Must Wear Service Dress.

  • Must have a white long sleeve shirt under their service coat.

  • Their white long sleeve shirt cannot have any ruffles, logos, markings, etc.

  • Males are not allowed to take off service coat until an instructor gives the okay.

  • Males must choose to wear ribbons or metals (one or the other)

  • Males cannot wear a name tag

  • Males are not supposed to have their covers

  • Males are allowed to wear either a bow tie or tie. (They must be navy blue or black).

  • Male Guests must wear conservative coat, tie or bow tie, slacks, shirt, and coat.


  • Females must wear formal wear.

  • Dresses are allowed to be:

    • Fingertip Length

    • Strapless but they must have a shawl that covers them up until an instructor gives them the okay to remove them.

    • Can have a two-piece dress as long as they have mesh covering up their stomach.

    • Have slits in their dress as long as they are fingertip length.

Rules and Regulations:

  • This is a formal dinner so therefore cadets are expected to treat this as a formal event.

  • Cadets will be allowed to bring one guest with them

    • This guest cannot be older than 19 years of age.

    • The cadet must purchase a ticket for their guest.

  • Any cadet that is going to the ball must have a ticket to be admitted.

  • Cadets are to dropped off in front of the Red Bank Club at 6:30 PM and picked up promptly up at 10:30 PM.

  • We are guests on US Naval Property and all speed limits will be enforced by civilian and military police.

  • Any cadet that does not meet the rules and regulations of Military Ball will be sent home by an instructor.

  • Military Ball representatives are required to come early to help set up for Military Ball.


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