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Parents - We Need Your Help

This academic year is running at full speed and I’m very proud of all that our cadets have accomplished so far – over 800 community service hours, 5 team competition events, 2 formal ceremonies, plus countless practices, team meetings, and planning activities so far this year. There’s a lot more ahead, more team competitions, community service plus some new field trips, our military ball and our spring trip to the National Museum of the Air Force.

Thank you! To all of you, their parents, for enabling, supporting, and allowing our cadets to engage and accomplish so much!

We are kicking off our annual fundraiser – Snap Raise. This is our 4th year utilizing Snap Raise to raise the funds we need to support the costs that enable our cadets to accomplish all the great things they are doing – without these funds, our ability to provide transportation, equipment and supplies would be drastically degraded. Each year our program has been able to raise enough funds through this one fundraiser to fuel our program for the entire year.

We need your help – the key to SnapRaise is identifying contact emails to share the news about what we’re doing and the impact we’re having on shaping future leaders and citizens and asking for support in the form of donations. Our goal is to spread the need across hundreds of emails so no one feels pressured to shoulder the load.

Last week, we asked our cadets to identify 20 contact emails per student to input into our Snap Raise program. We have had a difficult time accomplishing this task. Yesterday, we asked cadets to bring the attached letter and email worksheet home, share with you and ask for your help with filling it out.

Please consider helping them with identifying and providing emails to ask for small donations. The quality and success of our programs depends on our ability to raise sufficient funds.

We delayed the kickoff for Snap Raise to next week. This weekend, please help your sons and daughters to fill this out. If the recipients of these emails make a donation – that’s great! If they don’t, that’s fine too, especially with prices continuing to rise. Our goal is to simply ask.

P.S. I wanted to highlight that 50% of the money raised by each individual cadet can go toward their Spring trip to the Air Force Museum IF they sign up before all seats are filled – there are 17 slots remaining.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support of our program and for allowing us to work with your outstanding young cadets.


Jeff Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF, Ret.



Ashley Ridge High School

843-695-4900 Ext. 52195

ARHS JROTC website:

AFJROTC Parents Snap Raise Letter 2022
Download PDF • 166KB


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