Unit Weekly Schedule 10 - 16 May, 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

If you have not finished your registration and paperwork, please do so ASAP! Registration payment, physical, and online forms are all available on the Unit Webpage: ARHS-AFJROTC.com.

Juliet Flight will wear Blues Open Collar on Wednesday & PT on Thursday 

Reserve Flight will meet every Wednesday at 1230-1245, virtually. They will comply with uniform requirements each week and will do the PT each week.

Unit PFT Makeups Will Occur This Week. If you were unable to do your PFT last week, you will make up the PFT this week. Be sure to Prepare and Hydrate

Logistics Sweeping Detail: ___

Morning Flag Detail: Alpha Flight

Afternoon Flag Detail: Kilo and India on A-Days & Hotel and Papa on B-Days

1615-1730, 10 May Monday Flight Crew Meeting in Media Center

1800, 13 May, Thursday. AFJROTC Awards Ceremony in Main Gym. Uniform: Open Collar Blues. All cadets are required to attend to include virtual cadets this semester. 2 parent tickets will be handed out on Monday and Tuesday. Each cadet that cannot attend will turn in a written parent note with the reason for not attending signed by a parent. Attendance will count 200 points test grade. POSTPONED!!

All cadets scheduled to wear blue uniform with open collar on Thursday, wear school clothes instead.

0700-1600, 22 May, Saturday. Bataan Death March Sign-ups comes down on 14 May, Friday.

14 May- 28 May Senior Uniform Turn in. Make sure that all uniform articles including all ranks and chords are returned and dry cleaned with original receipt attached.

Monday 10 May B-DAY

All Flights Academics

1615-1730 Flight Crew Meeting in the Media Center

Tuesday 11 May  A-DAY

All Flights PFT Makeup & Practice PIR/Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 12 May B-DAY

All Flights Drill & Practice PIR/Awards Ceremony

1230-1245 Cadet Reserve Flight Meeting (Virtual)  

Thursday 13 May  A-DAY

Uniform Inspection- Blue Uniform with open collar. B Day cadets will be inspected at formation at PIR/Awards Ceremony.

1630 Senior Staff & Command Staff set up Main Gym.