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Unit Weekly News for 22-28 April

Good morning parents,


This is our big week for our major field trip to Washington DC.  Showtime for the trip is Thursday night, 4/25 at 2300 hrs (11pm) in the bus loop.  We are very excited and looking forward to visiting and learning more about our nation’s capitol and our federal leadership.


Pass-In-Review: Thursday, 2 May at 6pm to 7pm:  Parents, family and friends are invited to join our cadets for the annual Awards, Change of Command and Pass in Review ceremony where the entire unit will march in formation, recognizing many of our accomplished cadets, our outgoing leaders and our incoming staff.  The event will be held in the ARHS stadium, unless whether directs us to the main gym.


CLC Parent Information Meeting:  Tuesday, May 7th at 5pm to 6pm in the JROTC classroom.  Registration, Cost, deadlines, drop off and pick-up details will be shared about CLC, which is 9-15 June.  Also, Mrs Marcrum will be present to notarize the CLC medical form (required to attend) and Ms Herb will be present to collect payment.  Cost is $270 for Basic cadets and $295 for Cadre cadets.


Unit Weekly Schedule Monday April 22nd  – Sunday April 28th 


Turn in CLC Registration Paperwork by May 10th 

Turn in CLC Registration Fees by May 16th 


Morning Flag Detail: Delta

Afternoon Flag Detail: Alpha/Foxtrot

Logistics Sweep Detail: Golf


Monday April 22nd – B day

Flight Academics

CLC Practice 16:10 – 17-30


Tuesday April 23rd – A Day

Uniform for A-Day only flights and In-Flight PIR practice: OCBs (Open Collar Blues)

Early Bird Workouts 08:15 – 09:00

CLC Practice 16:10 – 17-30

Future Fox Night Showtime 17:00


Wednesday April 24th – B Day

Uniform for Block and B-day only flights: OCBs (Open Collar Blues)

In-Flight PIR practice

CLC Practice 16:10 – 17-30

PIR practice Flight Crew & Guideons  16:10 – 18:00


Thursday April 25th – A Day

PT for A-Day only Flights, Bring Uniform, Hygiene Kits, and Water Bottles.

Early Bird Workouts 08:15 – 09:00

CIA Trip Showtime 23:00 Bus Loop


Friday April 26th – B Day

PT for Block and B-Day only Flights, Bring Uniform, Hygiene Kits, and Water Bottles.

CIA Trip


Saturday April 27th

CIA Trip

Sunday April 28th

CIA Trip return 19:00


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