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Weekly News 22-28 March 2021

Uniform Inspection

  • Blue uniform with open collars will be worn on Tuesday and Wednesday for all flights. ABUS will be worn for the applicable cadets. If the blue uniform is not worn, the cadet is required to wear the uniform on the next applicable JROTC class day.

  • Cadets who have earned the FAA Drone License have been issued the AFJROTC flight uniform to wear.

  • Alternate uniform is not an acceptable replacement for the blue uniform for uniform inspection. The alternate uniform is worn when cadets attend an event that does not call for the blue uniform.

Physical Training

  • Unit Physical Training Uniform will be worn for Physical Training workouts Thursday and Friday. Bring hygiene kit and water bottle.

Weekly Schedule

  • Refer to the attached unit weekly schedule for other unit events.

Operation Gratitude

  • Cadets will be writing letters to veterans and active duty personnel over the next two weeks. Cadets will receive service points for their letters.

Kitty Hawk Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to all the cadets who attended the Kitty Hawk Induction Ceremony last Thursday in the ARHS auditorium. The ceremony was taped and will be put on the unit YouTube web site this week. A email will be sent out when it is posted.


  • Baker, Draven

  • Brady, Russell

  • Cornish, Precilla

  • Ferreri, Cristina

  • Hall, Paris

  • Humphries, Olivia

  • Hutchinson, Jolie

  • Jamienson, Alexa

  • Kramer, Jacob

  • Logan, Malik

  • Mask, Alisa

  • Shuford, Lindsay

  • Wyatt, Emma


  • Barkasy, Olivia

  • Bernal, London

  • Gregory, Dylan

  • Sherwood, James

  • Smith, Nolynn

Graduating Seniors:

  • Ferreri, Cristina

  • Girsh, Joseph

  • Littlejohn, Clara

  • Malaniak, Chrisitan

  • Pereira, Zachary

  • Sanchez-Vayas, Jonathan

  • Serrano, Charisma

  • Serrano, Clarissa

  • Trauger, Evan

  • Whitehead, Tiana

  • Williamson, Richard

  • Yeomans, Ashley

AEF Academic Badge:

  • Girsh, Joseph

  • Littlejohn, Clara

  • Malaniak, Christian

  • Pereira, Zachary

  • Sanchez-Vayas, Jonathan

  • Serrano, Charisma

  • Serrano, Clarissa

  • Trauger, Evan

  • Whitehead, Tiana

  • Williamson, Richard

  • Yeomans, Ashley

Cadet Officer Leadership Course (CLC)

  • CLC is normally two (2) one week long AFJROTC camps held in the summer at The Citadel. This is an approved AFJROTC camp by HQ AFJROTC and DD2. Cadets who graduate from the course receive .50 credit as an elective.

  • Cadets who are selected stay at The Citadel along with many other cadets and Coast Guard cadets from many different states.

  • The cadets participate in drill, athletics, obstacle course, academics, orienteering, raiders, leadership, followership, stress management, how to organize their day, and finally finish up with a parade on Saturday for graduation.

  • Cadets will eat at Cowards Hall, eating facility at The Citadel, 3 meals a day.

  • Cadets will travel by bus to The Citadel and parents will pick their sons and daughters up after the parade on Saturday.

  • Cadets will participate in CLC 2, 20-26 June. CLC 1 is in session during the week that DD2 is still in school, so the Unit cannot participate in Session 1 this year.

  • Unit instructors will also be at the camp.

  • Cost is roughly $190 for the week and is payable in two payments.

  • There are two weeks of tryouts 6-8 & 13-15 April. All cadets who are interested in unit wing staff positions for the next academic year are required to try out. Cadets who are selected to attend CLC will be announced on 16 April. Those cadets who are not selected to attend CLC will be still considered for Wing Staff selections.

Unit Email and Weekly Schedule

  • Unit Email and weekly schedule will be sent out Sunday of each week.

  • Will be posted on Unit Facebook, unit teams under SC-20081 Information Center, and in SC-20081 Unit Web Page under News

Booster Club

  • The ARHS AFJROTC Booster Club will be losing some members next year, and we need volunteers. The Booster Club supports the Cadets and Instructors with fundraising, organizing events (COVID permitting), and general help as needed.

  • If interested, please send an email to

If any parent has any questions, please email an instructor. or


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