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AY2024 Achievements

Competition Awards

30 Sep: Hanahan Drill Meet
              3d - Color Guard
              3d - Duet Exhibition with Arms
              4th - Squad Basic without Arms
              4th - Individual Exhibition with Arms

15 Oct:  Stratford Raider Meet

              2d - Litter Carry 

              3d - Team Fitness Challenge

28 Oct:  The Citadel Bulldog Drill Meet

          1st Flight Personal Inspection (CC Addison Smith)

          1st Indiv Regulation w/Arms (Maldonado & Bennett)

          1st Squad Regulation w/out Arms (CC Azalea Prior)

           1st Flight Regulation w/out Arms (CC Isabella Henry)

           1st Freshman Squad Regulation w/out Arms 
                   (CC Caroline Smith)

            3d  Duet Exhibition w/Arms (Maldonado & Bennett)

2 Dec:  Wando Warrior Meet (pt 1)

           2d Place Overall Wando Warrior Challenge
           1st Place Overall Drill Competition

           1st Place Duet Exhibition with Arms

           2d Place Element Regulation with Arms

           3d Place Individual Regulation with Arms
           3d Place Individual Exhibition with Arms

9 Dec:  Cyber Patriot State Level Competition
           1st Place - All-Service Platinum Division

             (Recognized by DD2 School Board on 1/22/2024)

3 Feb:  Stratford Drill Meet
           2d Place Overall Drill Competition

           1st Place Platoon Basic w/Arms

           2d Place Platoon Basic w/out Arms

           2d Place Duet Exhibition w/Arms

           3d Place Individual Basic w/Arms

24 Feb: Wando Warrior Challenge

           3d Place Overall (Academics, Aero & Marksmanship)

           1st Place Drone Obstacle

           3d Place Drone Slalom

           Best Rocketry Spot Landing (Cadet Durant)

           Top Novice Shooter Prone & Overall (Cadet Haefner)

2023-24 Drill Team at Hanahan_edited.jpg

CLC Awards

Distinguished Grad (top 10%) - Cadet Eunice Lim, Cadet
     Mikayla Benesh, Cadet Corbin May

Outstanding Basic Trophy - Cadet Corbin May

Armstrong Fleet Foot Trophy - Cadet Nolan Bundrick

Outstanding Flight -- Cadet Craig Barger 

Outstanding Flight, Competitive Sports - Cadet Craig Barger
     Cadet Matthew Compton, Cadet Mariah Stypula

Academic Achievement - Cadet Liam Belcher, Cadet Caleb   
     Bennett, Cadet Mariah Stypula

Annual Award History

2009 Distinguished Unit
2010 Distinguished Unit

2011 Distinguished Unit with Merit

2012 Distinguished Unit

2013 Outstanding Unit

2014 Distinguished Unit, AFA Outstanding Unit,
         & Sir William Wallace Society Unit Award

2015 Distinguished Unit & Sir William Wallace
         Society Unit Award

2016 Distinguished Unit with Merit

2017 Distinguished Unit

2018 Distinguished Unit

2019 Distinguished Unit

2020 Distinguished Unit

2022 Distinguished Unit

2023 Distinguished Unit & AFA Outstanding Unit
2024 Distinguished Unit with Merit

Cyber at DD2 School Board.jpg
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