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Weekly News 1-7 February 2021

To All Parents and Cadets,

Hybrid Schedule for school this week starting Tuesday. Monday is a teacher workday. Tuesday is an A Day.

HQ AFJROTC Virtual Cadet Unit Mission Briefing

  • Command Staff cadets will brief HQ AFJROTC Personnel on 2 February on the state of the unit looking at cadet unit standards, unit goals, and various other standards that unit cadets must meet each year.

  • This will take the place of the annual unit inspection conducted by representatives of HQ AFJROTC!


  • Uniform Inspection is Tuesday-Friday for Hybrid Cadets

  • Uniform is Blue Uniform with open collar. Blue lightweight coats will be worn if needed. Civilian coats are not authorized with the AFJROTC uniform.

  • Cadet Grooming Standards are required.


  • Thursday & Friday with unit PT clothes

  • Hybrid cadets will bring their PT clothes to class, change out of blue uniform and change back into uniform after PT.

  • ELearning cadets will wear PT clothes at home for PT.


  • All after school JROTC or weekend activities & training this week have been canceled at school this week by DD2. Virtual practices or events are not affected.


  • All cadets who had filled out the Air Rifle interest form will attend a Teams Meeting this Saturday 6 February at 0800. An Air Rifle Team has been set up on Teams and the cadets will be provided a link to attend a virtual training session. Cadets will review an Air Rifle Training Briefing and take a safety test.

  • 0900-1000, 13 February, Saturday. Cadets will shoot in the three positions under the supervision of Major Clark and current Air Rifle Team cadets.

  • Cadets will notified the following week concerning cadet selection.


  • Event will occur on 13 February.

  • Academic competition will be Virtual.

  • Air Rifle competition will be postal using the Orion Scanning System.

  • FFM Part 2 will be held on 13 March consisting of Drill, Color Guard, Raider, Drone, & Rocketry events. More information to follow.

The instructors would like to thank all the parents for your support during the month of eLearning and are excited to be coming back to the hybrid schedule.


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