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Weekly News Nov. 29 - Dec. 5, 2021

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a restful week!

Snap!Raise Fundraiser Celebration

  • Top 3 fundraisers were recognized with visa cash awards

  • Senior Staff was "pied" by the top 3 fundraisers.

  • All cadets who participated in the event during Friday ILT had a great time.


  • Uniform Inspection Tuesday and Wednesday, Open Collar blues.

  • Tuesday and Thursday, Kitty Hawk cadets will be working athletic concessions for basketball and wrestling home games.

  • Friday, 3 December. Recruiting team at Alston Middle School.

  • Saturday, 4 December. Air Rifle Team Postal.

  • Tuesday, 7 December. Recruiting team at Greg Middle School.

  • 0930 , Wednesday, 8 December. Unit Panoramic picture in Main Gym.

  • 11 December, Saturday. Raider, Drill, Drone, Rocketry teams at FDHS Raider, Drill, & Aeronautical Meet.

  • 11 December, Saturday, Cadets will be volunteering at the Kiawah Marathon handing out medals, blankets, and water at the finish.

  • 12 December, Sunday. Cyber Team competing in Cyber Patriot State Semi Finals and Rocketry Team competing in StellarXplorer Round 2 at The Citadel.

  • See attached unit weekly schedule for additional events.


  • The unit’s Toys For Tots Fundraiser will be starting in Monday, 29 November and end on 15 December, Tuesday.

  • Cadets will be given service points depending on types of toys turned in.

  • Charleston Marine Reserve Unit holds this annual event for deserving children at Christmas time.

  • Cadets have always participated in this fundraiser and have enjoyed turning in toys for others to enjoy. Small to large toys are accepted, even bicycles!

  • Toys for Tots boxes are located in Major Clark’s and MSgt Blakes classrooms for toys to be turned in.

Kitty Hawk Athletic Concessions

  • Kitty Hawk cadets are providing support for athletic concessions and are getting community service hours.

  • Parents are needed to provide volunteer support for concessions. Cadets do all the work, but parent chaperones are needed.

  • Genius app is being set up to allow parents to sign up for shifts. Further information to follow.

Reserve Cadet Program

  • Cadets who are on the block schedule and were active cadets 1st semester, but will not be active second semester (Not enrolled in an AFJROTC class) will be given the opportunity to become an reserve cadet.

  • This does not apply to A/B cadets, command staff cadets or cadets enrolled in AFJROTC, second semester.

  • The following cadets are required to be a unit reserve cadet.

    • Member of an unit competition team.

    • Member of Kitty Hawk Honor Society.

    • Member of Stan/Eval Team.

    • Member of a flight crew team.

    • Cadet desires to compete for cadet slot at summer Cadet Leadership Course @ The Citadel.

    • Cadet desires to participate in unit activities; community service, etc

    • Cadet does not have to be a reserve cadet to attend the unit Military Ball.

Reserve Cadet Requirements:

  • Cadet must wear the AFJROTC once a week for uniform inspection. All Air Force Grooming Standards are applicable.

  • Cadet may not miss more than 4 uniform inspections with a valid excuse.

  • Cadet must maintain 80 percent on each uniform inspection.

  • Cadets will required to attend Reserve Flight meetings each Wednesday during ILT.

  • Reserve Cadet Contracts will be issued to qualified cadets during the next few weeks. Both cadet and parent signature is required.

Fierce Fox Meet 22

  • 15 January, Saturday. The unit will host up to 20 JROTC units competing in Academics, Drill, Raider, Air Rifle, Drone, and Rocketry events. Up to 400 cadets, instructors and parents will be at the meet.

  • All unit team competition cadets are required to help support the meet. Other unit cadets will be offered to sign up and help support the event. Community Service hours will be given.

  • Signup rosters will be put up in all classrooms this week.

  • Parents will be asked to volunteer to support the event. Further information will be provided at a later date.


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