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Unit Weekly News for 10-16 October, 2022

Top news: Sign ups are being extended for the 27-30 April 2023 trip to The National Museum of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio and to King’s Island in nearby Mason, Ohio until we fill all 48 seats. Additionally, the Booster Club leadership have approved to allow 50% of individual cadet proceeds from our upcoming SnapRaise! Fundraiser to be applied to that cadet’s $555 trip cost. So if a cadet raises $500 for the unit through snap raise, then $250 of that money will be applied to that individual cadet’s trip cost. The maximum to be applied for each earning cadet is the total trip cost of $555.

SnapRaise! Cadets will be receiving information for our SnapRaise! Fundraiser campaign later this week. You can help by assisting them with identifying contact emails for family and friends. Our target number of emails is 20 per cadet. Through SnapRaise, we are seeking donations in any amount to support our program. These funds make it possible to provide and maintain our supplies, equipment, and travel support for all of our after school Leadership Development Teams (Drill & Ceremonies, Air Rifle, Raiders, Academics, Drones, Kitty Hawk Air Society, Flight Academy, etc) plus support to our Community Service Projects and supplies and maintenance for our program as a whole (academic supplies, uniform accessories, uniform wear and tear, etc). More details will be provided in the next Weekly News

Lastly, a reminder for any cadets who still haven’t provided their Dorchester District 2 mandated Sports Physical. These physicals are required to fully participate in our program – missing these forms prevents cadets from fully participating in fitness development and team building events and negatively impact grades. Please accomplish these with your local medical provider and turn in ASAP.

Weekly Schedule for October 10-16, 2022:

Morning Flag Detail: Golf Flight

Afternoon Flag Duty: Alpha/Foxtrot

Monday October 10 - B Day

Drone Team photos during practice (Open Collar Blues)

Air Rifle Practice 1600-1800

Drone Practice 1605-1730

Drill Team Practice 1610-1830

Tuesday October 11 – A Day

Flight Inspection for A-Day only Flights: ABU’s for applicable cadets, Open Collar Blues for all others

Drill Team Practice 1610-1830

Raider Practice 1605-1730

Wednesday October 12 – B Day

Flight Inspection: ABU’s for applicable cadets, Open Collar Blues for all others

Air Rifle Practice 1600-1800

Drill Team Practice 1610-1830

Flight Academy 1610-1800

Raider Practice 1605-1730

Rocketry 1605-1730

Thursday October 13 – A Day

PT For A-Day only Flights, PT Uniform, Reminder to bring hygiene kits and Water

Air Rifle Practice 1600-1800

Drill Team Practice 1610-1830

Raider Practice 1605-1730

Friday October 14 – B Day

PT For Flights, PT Uniform, Reminder to bring hygiene kits and Water

Drill Team Practice 1610-1830

Saturday October 15

Citadel Drill Meet at 0530

ST. George Pumpkin Patch at 0930 (meet at St George’s Episcopal Church – No bus for this event)

Stratford Raider meet 0700

Sunday October 16

Cyber Round 1 at 0745

Kiawah Triathlon at 0550


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