Weekly News 10-16 January, 2022

Cyber Team placed 1st overall in All Services in the AFA Cyber Patriot, Platinum, Division State Meet. The team has qualified to compete in the Semi-Final Meet in February.

  • Congratulations to all the cadets on the team!

  • A special thanks goes out to Cadet Trey Stevens at The Citadel who has been a mentor to the team this year.

Fierce Fox Meet 2022, 15 January, 2022, Saturday

  • 17 Army, Air Force, and Navy units are involved in Academic, Air Rifle, Drill, Drone, Raider, and Rocketry competitions.

  • Over 30 Military representatives from military units, and Air Force cadets from the Air Force ROTC unit at CSU will be judges at the competition.

  • Over 80 cadets will be involved in planning, supporting, and conducting the meet.

  • Cadets who are working the meet will report on Saturday at 5:30 AM to work the meet. All cadets will be dropped off at the car rider loop and enter by the back JROTC door to check in.

  • Lunch will be provided free to all cadets and snacks also.

Fierce Fox Meet, 2022. PARENTS ARE NEEDED.

  • Parents are needed in the following areas

  • Parking 6:30-9 AM

  • 2 for bus parking

  • 2 for car parking

  • Hospitality Room, 2 parents

  • 6:30 AM-Noon, 1st Shift

  • Noon-4 PM, 2nd Shift

  • Concessions & Lunch 1030 AM to 1:30 PM

  • 6 parents to hand out hand out pizza, chips, and drinks and monitor Concessions.

  • Genius Sign Up App. will be sent out in another email by the booster club for FFM 2022 parent sign-ups. Parents are needed, so please sign up.

Kitty Hawk Induction Ceremony

  • Kitty Hawk Inductees and Veterans will recognized at the ARHS Auditorium.

  • Cadets report to Major Clark’s room at 5:30 PM on Wednesday in service dress.

  • Ceremony starts at 6 PM and will end at 7:30 PM.

  • Parents are invited.

  • Refreshments will be offered after the ceremony.

Upcoming Events

  • Rocketry team will compete in the AFA StellarXplorers Practice Round 3, 16 January, Sunday.

JROTC BLOCK Classes Only.

  • 2nd Semester starts Monday, 10 January.

  • 1st Semester Block Cadets

  • Will retain their uniforms for 22-23 academic year, who returning back to JROTC.

  • Cadets who are returning as reserve cadets will retain their uniforms and will report to JROTC during ILT for uniform inspection each Wednesday.

  • Cadets not returning to JROTC are to return their uniforms dry-cleaned with original paid invoice attached NLT 31 January. If not returned, a school obligation will be turned in. AFJROTC Uniforms cost up to $600.

Uniform Inspection

  • Uniform Inspection is Tuesday and Wednesday. Blues Open Collar and ABUs for applicable cadets.

Everyone have a great week!