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Weekly Schedule May 2 – May 8, 2022

SENIORS: Uniforms need to be turned in by 13 May. All uniforms need to be dry cleaned. ABUs may be washed before you turn them in. If you do not turn in your uniform, you will not receive your AFJROTC Certificate of Completion, and you will not walk on graduation. If you have any questions, see MSgt. Powell or C/Major Benesh.

Underclassmen: Cadets who are not returning next year are to turn in their uniforms by 24 May. All uniforms need to be dry cleaned. ABUs may be washed before you turn them in. If you do not turn in your uniform, an obligation will be turned into the school.

ILT, Wednesday, 4 May, 22-23 Senior Staff and Command Staff will meet in Major Clark’s room. The meeting will last less than 10 minutes.

1800 Tuesday, 3 May. AFJROTC Pass-In-Review in ARHS Main Gym. This is a MANDATORY EVENT for all cadets and an academic test grade of 300 points will be given. The uniform is Open Collar Blues. Families and guests are invited.

PIR Report Times:

1630 Command Staff

1715 Flight Crews

1730 All Cadets

Morning Flag Detail: Bravo/Juliet

Afternoon Flag Duty: Hotel/India

Logistics Sweep Detail: Command Staff

Monday 2 May – A Day

ILT 21-22 & 22-23 Senior Staff, Change of Command Practice.

All Flights Academics/PIR Practice

Tuesday 3 May – B Day

Uniform Inspection, Open Collar Blues

1800-1930 PIR, See above for more details and report times.

B Day classes will wear open collar blues for inspection. A Day classes will be inspected that night.

Wednesday 4 May – A Day

ILT 22-23 Senior Staff & Command Staff Meeting in Major’s room.

1605-1730 CLC Practice

1630-1845 Future Fox Night, 22-23 Senior Staff

Thursday 5 May– B Day

Unit PFT Day, PT Uniform/Hygiene Kit/Water

1745 CLC Parent Information Meeting in main cafeteria. Notary Public will be available.

Friday 6 May– A Day

Unit PFT Day, PT Uniform/Hygiene Kit/Water

Saturday 7 May

0700-1400 CLC Practice

Sunday 8 May

Mother’s Day

No Unit Events Planned


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